Why Ninety North?

Small Barn Of Carefully-Selected Horses

Sheldon and Wabbajack (1 of 1)

The size of our operation will no doubt start out small, and we intend to keep it small. This philosophy ensures that partners will not end up feeling like cogs in a big machine, as can be the case in larger partnerships. While the limitation on size may mean a smaller number of offerings than some other groups might have, we intend to purchase only high-quality stock at the right prices. Moreover, succeeding in this business is about knowing when to sell as much as it is about identifying prospects to purchase. We will ensure that we remain objective judges of each horse, and that if they are not pulling their weight, they will be moved on so that the stall can be used on a better prospect. Partners can trust that with Ninety North, there will always be a roster full of good horses with potential to be better. We are always looking North!

Racing And Winning All Over The East Coast


Ninety North horses could run in as many as 8 states or more each year. In addition to having horses stabled and racing at Belmont Park and Saratoga Racecourse in New York, our Fair Hill barn gives us the ability to race at tracks in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia as well. During the winters, we will be racing in Florida, and in the Spring and Fall seasons, we will have the opportunity to run in Kentucky at beautiful Keeneland Racecourse.

In addition to racing in a great number of places, having our horses stabled in New York, Maryland, and Florida will provide partners a broad range of opportunities to visit their horses throughout the year. If you live anywhere along the East Coast, you will never be far from a Ninety North thoroughbred! For more information on our stabling facilities, please visit the facilities section of the website.

Network Of Talented Individuals


Generally, when people first enter the horse racing business, they have to spend several years putting together a team of people with whom they feel truly comfortable. This process is mostly based on trial and error, and in many cases, owners get discouraged and give up before they ever get to the end of it. Ninety North will ensure that partners can skip this difficult phase and instead will have immediate access to a talented and experienced network of people that has been roughly 25 years in the making. Each person in the group has been selected based on achievement as well as personal rapports that have developed over time. For more on the Ninety North Racing Stable team, please visit the team section of the website.