At Ninety North Racing Stable, our goal is to provide to you, the partner, the best all-around experience possible.  To do this, there are a few characteristics we will look for in any horse we choose to buy.


1.  Potential to improve.  Some of the things we look for in this respect are horses that may be running distances that don’t match their pedigrees or physical type, or horses that may not be running on what we think is their best surface.  With foreign horses, we will look for types that have the potential to flourish in the United States where perhaps they may not have been able to reach the same level of success in their native countries.  The Ninety North name is itself derived from the idea that the horses we buy, no matter where in the world they come from, can still head “North.”

2.  Value.  Linked with the idea of buying horses that can improve is that we want to find value in the horses we pursue.  There are many potential deals available on a daily basis, but very often success in this industry has less to do with the transactions you make and more to do with the ones you don’t.  We recognize that our partners will be spending their hard-earned dollars with Ninety North, and our goal is to ensure that each dollar goes as far as possible.

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3.  Quality.  Every owner in racing wants to run in the very biggest races, such as the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders Cup.  There is no doubt that these races are targets for any racing partnership as well.  However, the most important thing is to be confident, when buying a horse, that he/she can compete at the stakes level.  Stakes horses run for higher purses, compete against the best horses, and if they are good enough, can make it into the biggest races, such as those mentioned above.  Naturally, our goal is to find stakes horses before they are running at that level, or if a horse is already stakes-caliber, to find ones that still have room to improve.  As owners of Ninety North thoroughbreds, partners will have the full on-track experience of being in the paddock before the race, and, hopefully, in the winners’ circle afterwards.  This experience is even better when the horse is running against the best horses around and in some of the sport’s more prestigious races!

4.  Endgame.  Last, but certainly not least, when evaluating a horse for purchase, we will consider what the horse might be worth when it comes time for his/her racing career to end.  We will periodically analyze where each horse stands and determine the best plans for going forward, and we will share these thoughts with our partners as each horse’s career progresses.